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Butterflies in her stomach.
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Ode to Winter.

A winter's day in SL.
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Why can't we give Peace a chance?

One world.
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You don't have to be pretty like her.

You can be pretty like you.
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Group gifts.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

There are so many ....

Soooo many books to study.   It's back to school soon, parents are cheering, children are lamenting the last days of their summer holiday!  I hope a nice summer holiday was enjoyed by all.

Our schoolgirl is wearing:

Head: Free Yuri mesh head and skin from Boatoam
Hair: Barber YumYum May free Group gift hair
Hairpins & pencil: Free group gifts from C'est La Vie.
Shirt & Tie: From the marketplace, lots of wearable demos Orange Pekoe.
Skirt: This Miki skirt is from Blueberry from one of the midnight madness events, but there is a skirt on the Orange Pekoe marketplace mentioned above.
Shoes: Mary Jane shoes from the marketplace are 5L$ and come in different colours from VHD.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Farewell to Summer

Already the days are drawing in and the darker nights are starting.  My local stores had their summer sales weeks ago and are now stocking Autumn clothes!  But there is still time to grab some lovely, summery outfits on SL to see out the last days of summer.

Today I am wearing:
Dress : A scalloped hemmed dress called Darlene Fleur from La Gazza Ladra and comes in two different colours pink and violet, it is a free group gift.
Hair: The hair is from Mello Detox Galaxies and is another free group gift.
Shoes: The shoes in the photo's are Circus City Pumps and are at a discounted price of 30L$ from Cotton Candy Monster.  This store also has a MM, lucky chairs and a limited amount of the free Razor Candy boots shown below - so definitely worth a visit!

Farewell To Summer

SUMMER is fading; the broad leaves that grew 
  So freshly green, when June was young, are falling; 
And, all the whisper-haunted forest through, 
  The restless birds in saddened tones are calling, 
From rustling hazel copse and tangled dell,       
      “Farewell, sweet Summer, 
        Fragrant, fruity Summer, 
          Sweet, farewell!” 

Upon the windy hills, in many a field, 
  The honey-bees hum slow, above the clover,         
Gleaning the latest sweets its blooms may yield, 
  And, knowing that their harvest-time is over, 
Sing, half a lullaby and half a knell, 
      “Farewell, sweet Summer, 
        Honey-laden Summer,         
          Sweet, farewell!” 

The little brook that babbles mid the ferns, 
  O’er twisted roots and sandy shallows playing, 
Seems fain to linger in its eddied turns, 
  And with a plaintive, purling voice is saying         
(Sadder and sweeter than my song can tell), 
      “Farewell, sweet Summer, 
        Warm and dreamy Summer, 
          Sweet, farewell!” 

The fitful breeze sweeps down the winding lane         
  With gold and crimson leaves before it flying; 
Its gusty laughter has no sound of pain, 
  But in the lulls it sinks to gentle sighing, 
And mourns the Summer’s early broken spell,— 
      “Farewell, sweet Summer,         
        Rosy, blooming Summer, 
          Sweet, farewell!” 

So bird and bee and brook and breeze make moan, 
  With melancholy song their loss complaining. 
I too must join them, as I walk alone       
  Among the sights and sounds of Summer’s waning.… 
I too have loved the season passing well.… 
      So, farewell, Summer, 
        Fair but faded Summer, 
          Sweet, farewell!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Absolutely free day time outfit!

Following on from my free night time outfit, here is another totally free outfit for the day time.

For my weekend away with the girls, an outfit for daytime drinks!  The little geisha dress is a freebie at Punk Justus, the Glamazon hair is one of two freebies at Clawtooth,  the shoes are from a lucky board at Like Design, the headress was a group gift available at Indulge Temptation and finally the makeup is free when joining the Versus Magazine readers group at Ziska.  (Phew a hard days hunting!)  Thank you to all the lovely designers!

The makeup is a tattoo with many colour options, lipstick and eye shadow,

Happy Friday to all, hope you have a good weekend!
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Absolutely free night time outfit!

Tonight I am wearing a totally free glamorous outfit for a night out, isn't it fabulous when you can do that!  I am celebrating a friends birthday so this is the perfect outfit for a girls night out.  The long black Eva night dress is a group gift at Klara Wako Style, the Kinda Shy hair is also free from Clawtooth's new store, the shoes are from a MM at Moda and and finally the makeup is free when joining the Versus Magazine readers group at Ziska.

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Saturday, August 06, 2016

She believes in true love but she has moments that she wonders if love truly believes in her?

Sometimes the path of love does not run smooth.  Luckily mine has and I appreciate that, but for a friend of mine, it has not.  I am hoping one day she finds that man of her dreams.  There is someone out there for everyone, you just haven't met them yet!

Today I am wearing free group gifts from Lo's Inspiration.  The pink dress is Juliette Pink, the underwear in the second photo is the Group July gift.  All come with appliers.

Wrist bracelet 10L$: RoseBraceletWhite
Hair flower 1L$: Cazimi-Hibiscus-Hair-Flowers-Rainbow

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