I am at a lodge for the weekend coming up, no internet, eek.  Back to nature, BBQ, relaxation and fun!  Wish I could find a lovely outfit like this to take with me!   It looks just as nice from the back also.

This outfit is made up of free group gifts:-

The top and skirt are from Sweet E's , the dusky pink Marilyn skirt is for Maitreya Maniacs free group and the floral top with rope ties is for SFLO free group.  The shoes were also on a group board at at Like Design


Sun is so rare here in England that when it does come, everyone goes crazy.  Summer clothes are out, bright as you like and too much flesh on display!  BBQ food sells out at the shops and we see lots of red burnt flesh!  I do love the feel of the sun on my face though.

So that is my excuse for this very bright dress.  It is free on an MM board at Punk Justus, it has a sexy scooped back and includes matching flip flops, its mesh, slink, belleza & std sizes.

I also love the sunglasses that were only 5L$ at Alter.

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These are items I received free, they are gifts from the Cookiejar 5 year anniversary celebration.  Some more details can be found here :-

I particularly like the little reading building from Michigans, which includes the brown chairs and various accessories, I might put it at the bottom of my garden.  Other items are the chimenea, wheelbarrow etc.  Lovely items for your home.

I love late summer evenings, after a hot day and its still balmy and the shadows start to fall.

This outfit is made up of :-

Dress 50 L$  Vaxer-Spirit-FitMesh-Dress-Maitreya-Lara-Slink-Physique-Belleza-Venus-and-Classic-Avatars-Spring

Stockings 10 L$   URBAN-CHIC-Garter-Socks-GREY

Something I believe in, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain".  We have one shot here, make the most of every day, sieze the day, do it now!

This outfit is a dress on the 30L$ list at Velvet Whip.

The gorgeous sandals were a free gift at ChicChica.

This photo was took at
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The dress and the flower headdress I am wearing are part of todays 30L$ Saturday, they are by Luas.

The necklace was a free gift at we <3 RP from Krystal.

Photo was took at Luane's World Sim, it's very pretty here!
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Who remembers playing hide and seek when little?  I do with my sisters, "Close my eyes and count to 10!", then "Coming, ready or not!" when we would start to search.  Fun times.

I love the wings and chain in this shot, they were on the free MM board at La!la Fashion.

Then also some more nails to add to your collection free, they were a group gift from Boss Gloss and come with a hud with lots of different colours.

Heart of Summer

Fall Glam

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