I'm sitting cosy by the fire on this wintery morning, wearing a warm woolly dress by Snowpaws from a lucky chair.  Lots of MM coards, mini mania there at the moment.   The shoes were on a MM board at Heartistic.


Lovely detailed red corset from this hunt at the sim, other items there too.

... There lived a young girl who dreamed of castles and free outfits every day!

This outfit is a combination of items from Apple May Designs Midnight madness.

Hair free group gift from Entwined:-

Apple May Designs tried to have a one day Midnight madness with some quality gifts, unfortunately the lovely event got slammed and the lag prevented the boards opening.  However, some of the kind designers are now giving the items as gifts.  It was such a great idea though and thank you to all involved.  Some items you can pick up are this elven tree , the dress and hair.  There are several items available that are one there for a short time or limited amount.  This is your starting point:-


My posts seem to have a wintery feel at the moment!  Winter moon is such a lovely place to visit.

I am wearing another wearable "demo" outfit from Orange Pekoe store on the marketplace, flare jeans and denim jacket.  My hair is a gift from Alice project who are giving out free hair every day, not sure how long its on for so run and grab!





Hair by D!va group gift:-

Outfit by Invidia Line on lucky chair:-

If you have ever dreamed of being a witch visiting Hogwarts, here is a free outfit of a Beauxbaton witch.  It says it is demo but there are no demo stickers.  There are other items on this SL marketplace too that are wearable demos!

Outfit on sl marketplace , lots of wearable demos! :-


Hair is free - save the Queen on Sl marketplace - previously blogged.