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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Cupid Hearts hunt 2011

So a bored Sunday afternoon , what to do?  I know a hunt!  Some of the items on the hunt are already shown on the flickr group.  Theres also some lucky boards etc on the way to grab other freebies.  I have been kind and provided you with some hints below too.  :D

Skin : Mother Goose Hena lucky board item
Outfit : Ruru hunt item chocolate au rhum
Earrings : Tou fromc lucky board valencia

2nd photo
Skin : Mother Goose Yao lucky board item
Outfit : Ange TVDH hunt item
Hair : Exile past new year gift


1) Love Soul - You really have to corner the market if you want to nail it.
2) Love Soul - Everyone loves a hairy teddy to hug.
3) Tou fromc - This shop may light up your life.
4) fore -  Men in skirts?  I just don't think that works, do you?
5) Hani - Beautiful high windows let in the light, look up.
6) Chocolate altelier - This hunt making you feel hungry? Grab an apple from the bowl.
7) Chocolate altelier - I wrote a letter to my love and sealed it with a kiss.
8) Nala - You don't have to look far to see how beautiful these two girls look in spectacles.
9) *ef* - Hard to find amongst the fakes, you need to search the room HIGH and low.
10) Tomoto - The trees are beautiful this time of year , dont you think?
11) Soup - Graffitti isn't always bad, but this guy has the balls to do it in borad daylight! (hehe)
12) Un jour - With arms out stretched , he protects this heart.
13) Zeus - Always nice to check out whats new.
14) Zeus - The angel Gabriel hides this heart.
15) This is a fawn - easy to see!
16) Rucott - Time to stop moosing around and lets get this hunt done.
17) Rucott - This hunts a barrel of laughs!
18) Ruru - The flowers here don't look very alive!
19) MNK - Might be time to cash up what we have got so far.
20) MNK - Take a seat if you feet are tired after all this walking.
21) barbee - Such a cosy little bar barbee up here on floor number 4, I drank so much wine, I need to rush to the nearby toilet!
22 ) Tee*fy - Take a seat in the window maybe and show off your new clothes!
23) Solita - All set out on the table for easy view.
24) Deviant girls - Dony be scared by these skeletons, pull a tongue at them!
25) Beatnik shhh - Pencil me in for next years hunt!
26) R2 fashion - Is this the stairway leading to the white lights of heaven?
27)  Loveme - I think we got this hunt nearly all squared up.
28) what next - I need a hat box for my new hats!
29) Niniko - Think I might watch a bit of TV and take a rest.
30) Les petit details - I need a bag to carry all my goodies!
31) Couverture - It must be nearly spring time and I feel like wearing a pretty pink dress.
32) Slow kitchen - tucked away hidden under the stairs is where I want to be....
33) Slow kitchen - ... drinking hot chocolate as I peep behind the picture on the floor...
34) Slow kitchen - ... and munching on chocolate cake as I stair at the ceiling.
35) Mother Goose - Check out the bargains whilst here.  Get some free skins too!
36) Mocha - I should sit at this desk and write all these hints down before i forget!
37) Mocha - Oohh a nice warm stove to get sit by on a cold day.
38) Oyakin - Thats me shelfed for the day!
39) Oyakin -Time to wash up now you are all done.

Phewww & congrats and thanks for a nice hunt!


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